Laura Smet saw her life completely changed in 2020, when she welcomed her first child, named Léo, the fruit of her love with Raphaël Lancrey-Javal. She, who met her half 10 years ago, now lives a more peaceful life, with the family, with the first son of her companion. A recomposed clan which brings a lot of happiness to the daughter of Johnny Hallyday, even if at the beginning, it was not always easy, as she explained to Elle magazine: “Getting me adopted was not easy. at first”. But now, this whole little family lives in harmony in the Bassin d’Arcachon.

And according to our colleagues from Paris Match, the couple would not be against the arrival of a second child: “Today, she – especially Raphaël, it seems – would not be against a second”, can we read in a magazine article. So maybe in a while, Laura Smet will be able to offer a little brother or a little sister to her Leo, who has transformed her life. She who describes him as a child “very calm, curious, smiling, the joy of living embodied”, discovered what a mother’s love was: “I grasped the notion of unconditional love. Leo gave me reassures, fills me, makes me grow, jostles me”, she had indicated to Madame Figaro.

Laura Smet: “Since Leo was born, I feel more serene”

Above all, the birth of Léo changed his perception of life: “I think he’s the most rock’n’roll thing I’ve done in my life, but also the most beautiful adventure that’s ever happened to me. ( … The acting profession had put me in a state of emergency. The gaze of others was very important to me. Since Leo was born, I feel more serene, I put things into perspective more. He takes a fresh look on me, without a priori. I became someone else. It’s as if I had finally found what I was looking for, “she continued”.

Laura Smet © MPP


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