In an interview with Télé Star, on newsstands Monday, August 24, 2020, Laura Smet confided in how she experienced confinement. Johnny Hallyday’s daughter who is currently pregnant with her first child admitted that “it was very special because I learned that I was pregnant just before”. Laura Smet therefore took advantage of this parenthesis to begin this first pregnancy in the best possible conditions, far from the hustle and bustle. “I stayed with my lover and my son-in-law in the countryside”, she confided before specifying that this period of cut also allowed her to concentrate on her projects. “I took the opportunity to work on the script for my feature film. Strangely, I enjoyed this period” without a frame “living this little respite for nature,” she continued.

A pregnancy that gives strength to Laura Smet

On July 15, Laura Smet confided on RTL about the agreement on the legacy of Johnny Hallyday which was found on July 3. The eldest daughter of Taulier had remained silent on the affair between her and Laeticia Hallyday. “I think he would have wanted me to do it (editor’s note: the interview with the radio station) I think that, you know, the blood is talking this morning. I’m really telling you. I’ve had several occasions to to speak, I had several temptations […] Today, it is true that I am carrying a child and maybe it is he who gives me this strength to speak. I need to restore some things also to live this pregnancy properly and welcome it as well as possible. “. If Laura Smet is looking for appeasement, she is not ready to let her ex-mother-in-law come into her life again: “Between my brother and all that, there is absolutely no problem. It is just that there, we are talking about a blended family which is no longer even a family since it is an ex-family. The blended family is today the one that I have with my husband, my step- son, my brother, my nieces, my mother. Well, that’s the family, it’s blood. I wish Laeticia no harm, but I wish that she leaves me alone and that she stops talking in my place on my relationship with my father, “she concluded on the air.

Laura Smet is pregnant with her first child © OLIVIER BORDE

Laura Smet is pregnant with her first child © OLIVIER BORDE
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