Laura Smet mom: why the name of her son is a tribute to Johnny Hallyday

On October 7, Laura Smet became a mother for the first time. The actress gave birth to a baby boy. The magazine Here has revealed the first name of the newborn, which would be a tribute to his two grandfathers. Indeed, the son of Laura Smet and Raphaël Lancrey-Javal is named Léo Jean Didier Lancrey-Javal. Leo is the middle name of Johnny Hallyday, baptized Jean-Philippe Léo Smet at birth. Jean is a reference to Johnny Hallyday’s first name, “Jean-Philippe”. Finally, Didier is a reference to Raphaël Lancrey-Javal’s father.

A birth in which Laura Smet would obviously have liked Johnny Hallyday to participate. His father had never hidden his impatience to become a grandfather again. “I learned a few days ago that you wrote a will completely disinheriting David and I. A few weeks ago you were saying to me at the table, ‘So when are you having a child ?. But what will I be able to convey to him about you, you whom I admire so much? “Wrote Laura Smet in a heartbreaking press release published on Instagram in February 2018.

“I want to be serene”

At RTL, Laura Smet confided that she wanted to lead a more peaceful life for her future child, leaving aside this battle for the legacy between her lawyers and those of Laeticia Hallyday, Johnny’s last wife. “I’m going to become a mom, I want to be calm. I don’t want to fight any longer than that. I’m an actress, I do things. I don’t want to spend my life at all. to deal with this story which is still sordid. But there are things I can’t let go. ”

David Hallyday and Laura Smet have renounced the succession of Johnny Hallyday. Laeticia Hallyday thus retains the real estate assets in St Barth, Los Angeles and Marnes-la-Coquette, valued between 28 and 34 million euros according to various estimates. In return, the widow of the youth idol will also have to honor Johnny’s tax debts.


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