The police did not expect this. Called urgently to find a theft in a house in the small town of Latilly, located in the heart of the Aisne department, the local gendarmerie was not at the end of its troubles. This Tuesday, October 25, when they opened the door of the family home… surprised: the house was full of dead animals, left there for some time because they were already in a state of decomposition. In the middle of all these carcasses of pets were the trifle of 23 cats and a dog, which it was absolutely necessary to get out of there.

“The tenants lived in a totally unsanitary house and for the cats, they were locked in a room in the most complete darkness …”, confided the head of the association Chihuahua in distress to the newspaper L’Aisne news. The latter, called urgently, continued to recount the horror that was before her eyes: “It is human misery, which has led to this situation”.

The animals found on the spot appear to have been stolen

According to the local journalist, in addition to the animals that needed to be saved urgently, eight corpses of animals in a state of decomposition were found in the bathroom. For its part, the association mentioned that “the cats were locked in a room in the most complete darkness”, speaking of a real “house of horror”. The gendarmes were able to identify a jack russel dog that had been stolen from its owners two years ago. Their investigation will therefore now focus on the other animals. Were they also stolen? One thing is certain: the police do not seem to be at the end of their surprises.

Latilly: came to see a theft in a house, the gendarmes remain silent in front of their discovery

Animal corpses discovered in a house © Pexels

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