What if there was a simple formula that could make your couple the ideal and supportive couple? Such a formula exists and it is indeed simple in its expression, but not always obvious in its application. This is the 3C rule of the scientific journalist and author Martine Castello quoted by the magazine Marie Claire. The 3Cs correspond to Body, Heart and Consciousness, summarizes the magazine. The balance of the 3Cs would be the key to the durability of a couple. In this sense, the partners must find the balance between the small attentions, the tactile and intimate relationship as well as the verbal expression of feelings, specifies Marie Claire.

The search for and the establishment of this balance between the 3Cs make it possible to set up a couple in which both partners are fulfilled. The 3C rule is set out by Martine Castello in a book released in 2010, entitled How to find the love of your life thanks to the 3C rule. On the other hand, Marie Claire states that the 3C rule might not be a miracle solution, as the 2-2-2 rule can be. On the other hand, since Martine Castello stated her 3C rule, other variations exist.

Other interpretations of the 3C rule

According to Marie Claire magazine, the 3Cs can have other meanings. It can also be the 3Cs corresponding respectively to Complicity, Trust and Communication. Complicity could be that of bodies, a certain physical and chemical compatibility. The heart of Martine Castello’s 3Cs could correspond to trust and awareness would be related to communication. Whether it is the 3Cs of the author Martine Castello or its variations, the principle remains the search for a balance between these three elements.

Lasting couples: what is the 3C rule

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