Lara Fabian: this very rare photo of her daughter Lou that she shares for Mother’s Day

Music star Lara Fabian is very discreet when it comes to her family. Thus, unlike some celebrities, the singer shares very few pictures of her daughter, Lou. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, however, she unveiled a magnificent montage consisting of three images where we can see part of her daughter’s face. In caption, it is with emotion that Lara Fabian wrote: “Happy birthday to all moms … I’m pinching myself … I’m lucky …” In the comments section, fans have was more than happy to find out that Lou has grown up well. “You are magnificent, we feel the love and the bond between you two”; “Beautiful photo of you and your wonderful Lou …”; “Happy Mother’s Day Lara, the daughter is as radiant as the mother” or even; “Nothing more beautiful than the love of his child”, we can thus read.

In February 2020, it is in the columns of Gala that the singer had made some secrets about her 14-year-old daughter. “She doesn’t express herself through music, even though she plays the piano and sings very well. She’s interested in baking. I found her internships for this summer and she’s taking classes outside of school. I find this great passion, “she confided. In 2019, it is for Paris Match that Lara Fabian had revealed with pride: “She is a solar child. She gets up and goes to bed in a good mood. She cooks while singing, goes to her ballet lessons while skipping. She loves life. Sometimes she arises, looks at me and says: ‘Thank you mom, what a beautiful day!’ She’s free in her head, and that’s priceless. ” While her husband, Gabriel Di Giorgio, takes care of her daughter a lot, the star added: “He manages when I go on a trip for ten days. They cultivate a very beautiful relationship both. If my husband had continued to perform in public, we would have had to hire someone to take care of Lou. So we made choices. “

Lara Fabian is a fulfilled mom

Exiled in Quebec, Lara Fabian is fully happy. In February 2019, it was in the columns of Télé-Loisirs that she confided: “I am lucky to live a much sweeter life, in a healthy environment with my husband Gabriel Di Giorgio, and my daughter Lou. ” Evoking her daughter, born from her past relationship with director Gérard Pullicino, the singer added: “I am very present, hyper attentive. I talk a lot with her. She is a very funny child with a big and strong character. This is my greatest gift on earth. “


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