Lara Fabian is gradually finding a smile with her daughter. Sunday, May 29, 2022, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, she shared a snapshot, on her Instagram account, with the love of her life, Lou. “So proud to be your mom, you are the only answer to all my prayers, the light of my life… Lou”, indicated the mother of the family in the caption of the photo. What to realize that the young woman has changed a lot. Now she has a nose piercing, wears makeup around her blue eyes and has colored hair. In fact, they are red. Today, Lou lives in Quebec with his mother and stepfather, Gabriel Di Giorgio. On many occasions, Lara Fabian assured that her daughter was fulfilled but did not think of heading towards the same career as her mother.

“She doesn’t express herself through music, even if she plays the piano and sings very well. It’s baking that interests her. I found internships for her for this summer and she’s taking lessons outside school. I find this passion great“, had explained the former coach of The Voice in 2020 in the columns of the magazine Gala.

Internet users were seduced by the snapshot shared by Lara Fabian

The new snapshot shared by the singer has touched and seduced Internet users: “Superb Lou just like her mother”, “Lou has grown up so much! She is a beautiful girl! You are like two sisters”, “What a beauty your daughter, she has from whom to take”, can we read among the comments. As a reminder, Lara Fabian is the mother of a young woman of 14 years. Mother and daughter are very close and enjoy spending time together.

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