If Jessie J spent her Christmas Eve in the hospital, it was with her left arm in a cast that Lana Del Rey celebrated hers. Seen injured in the streets of Los Angeles, the singer worried her fans. What to encourage him to reassure them on his Instagram account, and as spotted the American magazine People, this Sunday, December 27. The Blue Jeans performer revealed that she suffered a bad fall while ice skating. “I thought I was a professional figure skater,” she wrote in the caption of her publication relayed on the social network. The fall came while she was shooting a music video for a track from her album Chemtrails Over the Country Club, which hits stores on January 11, 2021.

In the process, Lana Del Rey reassured her fans. “Anyway, my fracture is not that bad and it looks good with my new hat,” she continued, still captioning her Instagram post. And to continue, this time by addressing his relatives: “thank you to my beautiful family for my gifts.” Thus, the 35-year-old artist was revealed to be sitting enjoying her Christmas presents, her arm in a harness. His admirers, in turn, seized his publication to wish him happy holidays but above all a peaceful recovery.

Lana Del Rey: a wedding in 2021

And if his family was present at his side for New Years Eve, it was not the same for his beloved, Clayton Johnson, the latter having celebrated Christmas alongside his own relatives in California. An absence that Lana Del Rey will certainly not hold against her because, in December 2020, while she was on the set of Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, Elizabeth Grant, her real name, unveiled a sumptuous jewel: an engagement ring. Living an idyll without a hitch since August, the lovebirds have, in fact, decided to cross the threshold of marriage.

The arm in a splint ©

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