Lambert Wilson had not made only friends during this evening. On the set of En aside, Tuesday, December 21, 2021, the actor returned to the party of the Caesar 2020 which had seen Romain Polanski crowned while he was under a complaint for rape. Florence Foresti, the mistress of ceremonies, had also refused to go on stage after the director’s victory. A decision that had not pleased Lambert Wilson. “I’m very angry. It’s rubbish. If you feel that there is something wrong with Polanski having nominations, then you don’t come and go in the middle. of the ceremony […] Dare to evoke a director in these terms … And in addition, what will we retain from the life of these people in relation to the enormity of the myth of Polanski “Who are these people? They are tiny!” He said on Franceinfo.

Almost two years later, the actor remembered that this outing had serious consequences for him and his commitment to the environmental protection association Greenpeace. “I had reservations about the Caesar ceremony and more particularly about the way it went and the way Florence Foresti had conducted her mastery of ceremonies on Polanski. And the result is that I I got fired from Greenpeace, “he said very disappointed.

Lambert Winlson was fired from his commitments to Greenpeace

“I had been working as an activist for 20 years […] I was really a spokesperson for Greenpeace and because I expressed something that seemed to support the Polanski case, which was not the case, I was fired two days later without any other form of trial, “said Lambert Wilson, still very shocked by the way in which his engagement ended.

Lambert Wilson © COADIC GUIREC

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