Laëtitia Provenchère had to show great courage when she lost her husband, Guillaume, while she was pregnant with her triplets. Already the mother of a little boy, the mother has fought to be able to get her head above water and raise her children as best she can. Moreover, in the story of her Instagram account, Tuesday May 10, 2022, she answered questions from Internet users. She notably gave her trick to recognize her three daughters, triplets. “Noëlya is the one who looks the most like Nolann and Guillaume and clearly she’s the blond one. Emmy is the chubbiest with big eyes, I don’t know where she found her beautiful eyes”, detailed the young mother. Finally, to recognize Lyna, the mother assured that it was simple, because it was “the smallest of the three”.

“She looks a little more like my paternal family. She has a little more almond eyes,” explained Laëtitia Provenchère. A few weeks ago, she returned to the drama that marked her life: the death of the man of her life, in the columns of Femme Actuelle. “When I was 2 months pregnant with the triplets, I suddenly lost my husband. Guillaume was really the ideal husband, a real father hen. But in August 2020, he suffered an accident at work and he died 2 days later. At that time, the real question was how to manage my pain and how to tell a 2-year-old boy that he will not see his dad again,” she confided, still devastated.

Laëtitia Provenchère lost her husband

To be able to move forward and overcome this terrible ordeal, the one who made herself known by participating in Large Families, was able to count on the support of her mother. “Today I am proud to be at the head of a large family,” she confided.

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