Laeticia Hallyday was determined to pull out all the stops to celebrate Halloween. This is what she did on Saturday October 29, 2022, before sharing the result with her subscribers on her Instagram account the next day. Internet users were then able to discover that she had disguised herself as Cruella. “Boo!”, Wrote Laeticia Hallyday in the caption of the photos shared on the social network. Adding: “Thank you Nicolas Berggruen for the fun evening, and Nelly Recchia for the makeup, I’m your biggest fan! Happy Halloween!” Many Internet users said they were impressed by his incredible transformation. “What a magnificent make-up, happy Halloween”, “Unrecognizable”, “Very well done with the make-up”, “How beautiful you are”, “Hard to recognize you”, “It’s magnificent, once again you are admirably disguised”, “A Cruella larger than life,” read one of the comments.

For her disguise to be a real success, the mother of the family had chosen black and white makeup with dots as if to represent a Dalmatian. Moreover, there seemed to be hair on his face as the makeup was very similar. To complete the whole, she had opted for a two-tone wig. In the Hallyday family, it seems that the Halloween party is very important. A few days earlier, she had revealed the decorations she had installed in her sumptuous villa in Los Angeles. Skulls, cobwebs, skeletons…everything seemed to be terrifying. She had also gone pumpkin picking with her eldest daughter and Jalil Lespert.

The disguise of Laeticia Hallyday’s companion, Jalil Lespert, was also impressive

The 46-year-old filmmaker had also put the package in his Halloween costume. He had bet on a make-up inspired by the traditional skulls of Dia de los Muerto in Mexico. The look darkened by large black spots and false teeth drawn around the mouth, Jalil Lespert must have scared everyone he came across. For several months now, Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday have been spinning the perfect love. The two lovebirds have managed to find each other as the young idol’s widow tries to come to terms with her loss.

If today, she seems to have found a smile thanks to Jalil Lespert, she had assured that she did not spend a day without thinking of Johnny Hallyday, with whom she had two children: Jade and Joy. For his part, the filmmaker also has children. The small tribe forms a beautiful blended family where all the members seem to have found their place. Something to please the one who went through complicated times after the death of her husband. She just wants to enjoy life today.

Laeticia Hallyday totally unrecognizable for Halloween: Johnny's widow plays Cruella from hell

Laeticia Hallyday © Marc Ausset Lacroix

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