Laeticia Hallyday: this very special gift she gave to her daughter Jade’s boyfriend

Happy Birthday Michael! On May 9, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert were seen in the streets of Los Angeles shopping in the company of Jade, the eldest daughter of Johnny Hallyday, and her boyfriend, model Michael Sean Klemeniuk. In the Abbot Kinney Boulevard neighborhood of Venice Beach, the small group first opened the doors of the Classic Touch Tattoo Parlor store, before stopping by the MedMen Store, which specializes in the sale of marijuana. Note that in the State of California, the sale and consumption of cannabis have been legal since January 1, 2018.

Alone (Jade and Michael are not adults), Laeticia Hallyday disappeared a few minutes behind the window before reappearing with her arms loaded with a pretty package, which she handed to her daughter’s boyfriend with a big smile. Delighted, the son of Thierry Klemeniuk and Gabriella Wright, who celebrated his 16th birthday on May 8, accepted the birthday present from his “mother-in-law”. The little family then took to Monument Street, where Laetitia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert have been living for a few weeks.

16 years old and in love

Aged 16, Jade Hallyday met young Michael Sean a few months ago. She was initially very discreet about their relationship, before posting several photos of herself with the model on her personal Instagram account. Last January, she shared photos from her vacation in Morocco with her lover. A particularly eventful holiday with friends, during which the couple had notably met an adorable baby goat …


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