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Laeticia Hallyday: this request on Johnny refused net by her darling Pascal Balland

In a relationship for a year with the restaurateur Pascal Balland, Laeticia Hallyday still has Johnny in her skin … While she has lived more than twenty years with the singer, it is for Paris Match that she confided in her new love story: “It’s a pretty love story that makes me feel good, brings me back to life. The first time we kissed, I needed to feel that, where he was , Johnny allowed me to live again. You cannot deny twenty-five years of a life with the one who made you the woman you are. I loved Johnny as a person, I was loved by him as a person . I think that’s what generated so many fantasies. ”

While Pascal Balland joined Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters in Saint-Barth at the beginning of August, it seems that the couple would face some tensions. A source has indeed confided to Here: “Pascal does not manage to find his place. Johnny is so present everywhere, here …” However, the young woman chose not to stay in the city Jade, charged with memory . For Paris Match, she said: “We will try this summer in Saint-Barth, but I will reinvent my life differently: in another bungalow, a space that I did not occupy with Johnny.” While she continues to go to the Lorient cemetery to visit the star, Pascal Balland would have refused one of these requests: “Laeticia would have wanted the past and the present to intermingle, for Pascal to accompany her on the falls from the rocker, but that, it stuck … “The source added:” He is skin-deep, not always nice to others, even downright unfriendly. No one had ever seen him like that! They spend their time arguing and reconciling on the pillow. But until when? ”

“Johnny is never far from me”

A few months ago, everything seemed to be going well for the couple. In an interview with Paris Match last month, Laeticia Hallyday revealed: “He is a wonderful man. He accompanies me in this existence that I must rebuild. We are in the present moment and our history is being built one step later. the other, very slowly. For my children as for his, it is important. We met last summer, in Saint-Barth, at a time when I was on the ground and him in the middle of a divorce – nothing is never due to chance. I never imagined being able to love again, I was afraid of cheating on my husband. Johnny is never far from me. I have a lot of gratitude to Pascal for accepting this. ”

Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters Joy and Jade © DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES

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