Laeticia Hallyday: she responds to the superb declaration of love from her darling, Jalil Lespert

They spin the perfect love. Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert are determined to live their love openly. While they do not hesitate to follow the enamored publications on social networks, it is logical that Jalil Lespert made a statement to his sweetheart for her 46 years on March 18. “Happy birthday my love, you are the wonder, the jewel that makes me vibrate, breathe and dream every second”, he wrote in the caption of a photo on which we could see the couple tenderly embraced on the steps of a house in Los Angeles. An adorable attention to which Laeticia Hallyday wished to respond … in English. “I could spend the rest of my wasted days in the immensity of your love. The way you love me is a transcendent experience. I love you to the ends of the universe,” she said. It would therefore seem that the two lovebirds have made the choice not to hide anymore but also to move up a gear. Indeed, the photo was taken at their new joint acquisition, a villa in Los Angeles. One thing is certain, they are happy and do not hesitate to show it.

An unforgettable day. For his darling’s birthday, Jalil Lespert had everything planned. Indeed, he wanted to share the scenes with his subscribers, who were therefore able to see many flower decorations but also a mounted piece. Sanitary restrictions oblige, it is in a small committee that the widow of Johnny Hallyday celebrated her 46 years. About ten people were present, judging by the table set for the event. Among them, there was obviously Jade and Joy, the daughters of the rocker and Laeticia Hallyday but also friends of the young woman. The director had immortalized this moment in his Instagram story on which we could see him hugging his partner on a first video. On a second, she blew out her candles arranged on a strawberry cake. Laeticia Hallyday had a big smile on her lips which suggests that the attentions of her darling made her happy. An evening placed under the sign of conviviality and which seems to have been very successful.

The adorable message from his mother

For her 46th birthday, Laeticia Hallyday received a lot of love from her mother. On her Instagram account, Françoise Thibaut shared a post on which she takes a break and smiles in front of the camera. “Happy birthday my darling beauty Laeticia Hallyday, so proud of the beautiful person that you are … beautiful day with your loves Jade, Joy and Jalil Lespert”, she wrote. Attention that certainly touched the main concerned a lot.

Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert © Instagram

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