It’s been four years since Johnny Hallyday passed away. Le Taulier leaves behind a family split in two: on one side Laeticia Hallyday and on the other, the singer’s elders, Laura Smet and David Hallyday. Since then, even if relations are not friendly, the two clans have stopped criticizing each other through the media. Now, the time is for tributes and meditation, as has just been proven once again on Instagram. Indeed, the singer’s widow shared a photo of her last Christmas with her husband.

The photo was taken on December 3, 2016. We can then see the small family gathered around a magnificent tree. Jade and Joy Hallyday, younger, seem in heaven. A very touching memory. A nice tribute from Laeticia Hallyday, who spoke to RTL on Sunday, December 5: “I learned to live with this mourning, I learned to be resilient too, to hang on to this future that must be built without him. I let time do its work, “she confided. The widow then reconsidered her mourning: “For me he will never be gone. (…) He is part of me, he is part of my life. We were two linked souls. I spent 25 years of my life. life with him, and it was not an ordinary life. I think we both ran away, “she says.

Laeticia Hallyday: “I manage to rebuild my life, that’s what he wanted”

Laeticia Hallyday also returned to her new life, with Jalil Lespert: “It’s complicated to relearn to love, when you have loved a man like Johnny (…) I manage to rebuild my life, that’s what “he wanted, that’s what he expects of me. I keep talking about Johnny every day, I keep honoring his memory.” Now, she has all the same found a certain balance with her blended family.

Johnny Hallyday and Laeticia Hallyday © Agency

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