Little romantic trip for Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert! Before heading to Belgium, to inaugurate an exhibition in homage to Johnny Hallyday in Brussels, his widow agrees to have a good time in the middle of a fairly full agenda. After having voted for the midterm elections in Los Angeles, the mother of Jade and Joy flew with her darling to New York. This Thursday, November 10, Laeticia Hallyday published two photos of her in the arms of Jalil Lespert in the Big Apple metro. Smiling, she posed with her hat on her head, wrapped in a suede jacket. At his side, the director also seemed to love this New York trip since he wore a broad smile.

It is therefore as a couple that they should then fly to Europe to inaugurate an exhibition that Laeticia Hallyday has been preparing for many months. In Belgium, the emotion is likely to be there again for the widow of Johnny Hallyday, who died in December 2017. A few weeks before this sad anniversary, Jade and Joy’s mother was coming out of silence on the airwaves of RTL to confide in his daily life since their father is no longer in this world. “It seems very distant to me and at the same time so close, had explained the companion of Jalil Lespert. Five years, it’s dizzying and at the same time, we had to learn to live without him. The most difficult thing is to continue to live every day without him.”

Laeticia Hallyday: “We don’t redo our lives, we continue it”

“Working on projects like this, it nourishes, it allows us to be inhabited by him. He continues to guide us every day”, continued Laeticia Hallyday. As has been the case since Johnny’s death, she is determined to keep the memory of the rocker alive. Exhibitions, a symbolic statue in the heart of Paris, an event program or even an unreleased CD… she does not intend to slow down on the projects under study. “To bring him back to life is a transcendent experience. To be able to do it for me, to be faithful to what he expected of me, to be faithful to his values, to his artistic work, to what I learned from him. …, continued Laeticia Hallyday at the microphone of RTL. I was lucky that he sent me a lot of things. That too, it’s also part of this complicated mourning, of this impossible mourning. ”

Almost five years after the death of Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia Hallyday is still very marked: “we do not redo our life, we continue it”. On December 20, therefore, a major exhibition dedicated to Johnny Hallyday will open in Brussels. “We will enter as we enter one of his concerts, confided Laeticia Hallyday to the Parisian. We will hear him speak and sing, with live sound, and lights produced by Dimitri Vassiliu, who lit his last shows. It’s Jean Reno who will be the voice of the audio guide. He was one of Johnny’s best friends and also one of his most faithful. He is Jade’s godfather. I am very happy that he accepted my proposal.” For her as for fans of Johnny Hallyday, the tickets are therefore already reserved. For this new important project, Laeticia Hallyday will therefore be able to count again on the man with whom she has relearned to love since the death of her husband.

Laeticia Hallyday: overworked, she takes a romantic break in New York with Jalil Lespert

Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert © Instagram

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