The emotion was palpable. This Monday, September 13, Laeticia Hallyday was invited on the set of Quotidien on the eve of the tribute concert to Johnny. The opportunity for the widow of Taulier to confide in her daughters, her marriage to the idol of young people but also her current love affair, the one she lives with Jalil Lespert. Visibly upset by the subject, Laeticia Hallyday has long tried to hold back her tears. With red eyes and a trembling voice, she explained how much the director matters in her daily life. “I find a taste for existence thanks to Jalil. His love carries me every day, transports me, confided the mother of Jade and Joy. And I am convinced that it is Johnny who sends him to me. To relearn to to live and to love. And it is a beautiful meeting, it is someone who means a lot to me. ” This is also why she wanted to take her companion to the grave of Johnny Hallyday, in Saint-Barth.

Especially since for Laeticia Hallyday, falling in love with another man was not easy. “It started in a letter-writing, old-fashioned way, in the summer of 2020, through correspondence on Instagram. We started talking about our children, about the family, about our values. over time in love without seeing each other, ”she described in the columns of Le Parisien. Falling under the spell of the actor and director, Jade and Joy’s mother wanted to give him a chance. “And we kissed for the first time in October last year. He gave me back a taste for life, when I couldn’t be happy, without betraying Johnny. And meeting another man is as if I was cheating on him, “she continued, upset, before explaining that her companion and her daughters were already getting along perfectly. An important passage for Laeticia Hallyday, mother hen and very protective with Jade and Joy.

Laeticia Hallyday’s new life

“And Jade and Joy get along very well with Jalil. He is infinitely benevolent and does not try to project himself too quickly, which calms me down,” she added to the Parisian. Since their meeting last October while Jalil Lespert was preparing a biopic dedicated to Taulier, the two have been living in perfect love. After formalizing their relationship on their Instagram accounts, they stepped up romantic getaways across Europe this summer. And it is together that they will start a new life, in Los Angeles, but not in the house in which the Hallyday lived. On the other hand, there is no question for the couple to take the next step and get married. “There is no way. At least not at the moment. I am not ready, she assures. I do not think that I will remarry one day.”

Laeticia Hallyday © TMC

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