There are long journeys that allow you to escape and there are homecomings that fill the heart with energy and good vibes. This is what Laeticia Hallyday experienced when she returned to Marseillan, two days ago, to spend time there with her friends, her family and of course, her lover, Jalil Lespert.

Laeticia Hallyday “always transported by the beauty of her region”

Happy to return to basics, reassured, Laeticia Hallyday posted a few pictures of her getaway as usual, with the now traditional photo on the pontoon alongside Jalil Jespert, her friends and her daughters when they accompany her. “It is always so beneficial to return to the roots. I am always so transported by the beauty of this region, the lands of my childhood here when we take a break and walk through the villages, she writes, l pond or on the jetty of the port of Marseillan, every corner of the street where there is an incredible intensity. Poetry too…we feed on its energy, we enjoy its cuisine, we love its noises, its smells, its festive and generous atmosphere. We meet all these people, producers, chefs, merchants… sharing it with the family is essential. Thank you.”

It is now a real pilgrimage, this return to the family in the Hérault for Laeticia Hallyday who never deviates from the rule of returning to the fold. A few days ago, Joy and Jade’s mother had already posted photos of her visit to Palavas-les-Flots on her Instagram account. Every year, in fact, the whole little tribe returns to the places that marked the childhood of the young woman. Shared with those she loves, this homecoming is a real great moment of joy for Laeticia Hallyday.

With her lover by her side, Laeticia Hallyday is delighted to return to her roots © Capture Instagram


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