Laeticia Hallyday: Johnny’s widow looks back on the day she learned of the singer’s illness

A real shock … Heavy consumer of tobacco, Johnny Hallyday learned to have lung cancer in October 2016. After starting drug chemotherapy at his home, it was after the failure of several protocols that the singer had followed by other chemotherapy sessions interspersed with immunotherapy at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. If throughout the illness, he had been able to count on the support of his wife, Laeticia, the latter had collapsed upon learning that he had cancer. In an interview with the Parisian, the mother of Jade and Joy recalled: “The announcement of her lung cancer was really violent. I was all alone in Los Angeles. We were operating in theory for an infection. And after 6 hours in a waiting room with other families, a doctor arrived, and there, without empathy, said to me: ‘Your husband has only three months to live, that is. is lung cancer, we couldn’t operate. ‘ I collapsed, I started screaming in the midst of people. It was excruciating. “

Collapsed, Laeticia Hallyday had struggled to announce the news to her husband. “I spent the night in the hospital with Johnny. And he was like, ‘Tell me the truth, it’s cancer, I know it, it’s cancer.’ I was not at all prepared to tell him and I replied: ‘No, don’t worry, that’s not it, we’ll find solutions.’ And the next day, I found the strength to announce to him then to accompany him in this new fight after already two cancers of the colon and the prostate which he had conquered “, she explained. Finally, the pretty blonde added: “I never imagined that we were going to lose this war and neither did he. He finally lived 17 months. To accompany someone in the disease is to find strength when we don’t have one. I cried so much on my pillow when I slept next to him in the hospital. But I had to be strong. And he kept working. “

Laeticia Hallyday: “The fight lasted fifteen months”

Last October, while she was invited on the set of Sept à Huit, the singer’s widow had already confided in the announcement of this terrible disease. “I had prepared him to hear that it was not good news and that we were going to start a war and a fight that he had already known,” she said. While she refused to let him know that her life expectancy was estimated at three months, she added: “I do not regret today because the fight lasted fifteen months and I believe he would not have. not lasted that long if he’d been told the truth. “

Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday © Instagram

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