For Laeticia Hallyday, the next few days will be special. Like every beginning of December for five years, the widow of Johnny Hallyday celebrates the memory of the late singer, who died on December 5, 2017 after a long battle with lung cancer. After spending several days in Paris, where she gave numerous interviews, Laeticia Hallyday is back in Saint-Barth where she has found some friends. If she put her suitcases on this island dear to the heart of Johnny Hallyday, it is surely because she intends to go to the grave of the singer to honor his memory on the sad occasion of the anniversary of his death. As Closer revealed to you, Laeticia Hallyday is preparing to organize a vigil in tribute to the rocker.

This Monday, December 5, the mother of Jade and Joy will organize a vigil at sunset, on the tomb of the singer in the cemetery of Lorient. Then, the widow of Johnny Hallyday will meditate on the burial covered with floral compositions in the shape of objects dear to the rocker. On site, Laeticia Hallyday will light candles before listening to songs by her husband or titles he liked, such as those from the repertoire of Elvis Presley. But for this tribute, she will not be accompanied by her daughters. Indeed, Jade and Joy are not present in Saint Barth. According to information from Closer, the two sisters refuse to participate in this vigil. Jade, 18, and Joy, 15, no longer wish to expose their grief to the general public, preferring to experience it in the strictest privacy.

Laeticia Hallyday: her next intense weeks

Detained in Los Angeles to take care of the youngest daughter of his companion and his son Aliocha, Jalil Lespert will also be absent subscribers. In addition to her intimate tribute to Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia Hallyday will experience the next few intense weeks. Indeed, the documentary “Johnny by Laeticia” will be broadcast on December 8 on M6 and the traveling exhibition will begin in Brussels on December 16. Fans of Johnny Hallyday will be able to admire the details of the stage outfits, the motorcycles and cars or even the many guitars of the singer. But Laeticia Hallyday has also agreed to lend an object of immense sentimental value: a cross has a special meaning.

“It’s really a part of him, the fans who know him well consider this jewel as the Grail, a fetish really representative of what he was. He wore it around his neck for years”, confided Laeticia Hallyday in the columns of Soir Mag, before adding: “And then, there is a story behind it, it was he who drew this cross. There visitors will be able to see it more closely.” This object has a special place in the heart of Laeticia Hallyday as in those of Johnny’s fans. “I’m happy that this object can be seen. It’s a bit like the soul of his life. The cross was permanently attached to his neck, he never took it off. And he gave it to me before leaving. leave, she revealed to our colleagues. It is emotionally very strong as an object and I am very proud that she is in the exhibition. She has a place of choice. “

Laeticia Hallyday: Johnny's widow back in Saint-Barth for a very special birthday


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