It takes little to be happy. Here is Laeticia Hallyday’s new credo. The widow of Taulier decided to take life as it came. As a couple and happy with Jalil Lespert, Jade and Joy’s mother is having a very good holiday in St Barth. And at the moment, the pretty blonde is in a very good mood, as she was able to show this Tuesday, August 10, by sharing story videos of her Instagram account. In the company of her lover, but without her daughters, she takes advantage of her friend Pierre Rambaldi, in a car without a roof. But now the rain decided otherwise! Laeticia Hallyday therefore found herself completely soaked. But instead of complaining, she preferred to laugh about it!

A way to put things into perspective, to always keep your good humor and pass it on to your daughters! Indeed, on Sunday August 8, Laeticia Hallyday celebrated the two birthdays of Jade and Joy, respectively born on August 2 and July 27. A tradition that she kept from Johnny’s time: “To hold on to our dreams and to perpetuate the traditions that Johnny loved so much every summer …! Happy birthday my loves. I love you more than words can describe it” , she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post.

A happy mom

On August 2, Laeticia Hallyday celebrated Jade’s birthday, by writing her a magnificent declaration of love: “I close my eyes and it seems to me that it was yesterday that I took her for the first time in my arms and that she planted her eyes in mine never to let go again … 17 years old my Jadou! “. On July 27, it was Joy’s turn to celebrate her birthday: “Happy birthday my Joyou of love. 13 years ago, you were born and at the same time you were going to turn our lives upside down. 13 years of hugs, sweet words, happiness with you my little angel who seemed to pass so quickly “. In summary, Laeticia Hallyday is a happy mother.

Laeticia Hallyday © Instagram

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