Laeticia Hallyday in love: this video of her languid kiss with Jalil Lespert

Since their paths crossed, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert seem to spin the perfect love. The two lovebirds have found each other, are happier than ever and do not hesitate to display their happiness on social networks. At the beginning of February, Jalil Lespert had shown that he was on the island of Saint-Barthélémy all alone … Between boat trips, sports trips, tasting of local dishes, discovery of flora and fauna … obviously he knew how to take advantage of all that this Caribbean island had to offer him. And his loneliness was only short-lived, since the actor was fortunate to be joined by his dear and tender.

This Friday February 5, the. pretty blonde 45 years old showed in her story Instagram her arrival in Saint Barth ‘. Better yet, Laeticia Hallyday has shared several videos filmed by someone else, where we see her leaving the airport to throw herself into the arms of Jalil Lespert. The 44-year-old actor embraces him, the two kiss each other languidly and exchange a few words with a smile on their face. These moving reunions, Laeticia Hallyday shared them in three videos, with the music “Here comes the sun”, by the Beatles. In turn, Jalil Lespert shared the videos in his own story!

Laeticia Hallyday in Saint Barth ‘with her daughters and her darling

And that’s not all. Laeticia Hallyay shared other photos and videos of her arrival in Saint Barth ‘. It has immortalized a sublime paradisiacal landscape, with a terrace where you can see outdoor armchairs and sofas, ideal for enjoying the view and the sun. In a second snap, she shared a photo of herself that her darling Jalil Lespert took: the mother of the family is smiling, sunglasses on her nose, hat on her head and wearing a purple dress. The opportunity for the widow of Taulier to show off her new extensions and her new haircut. Of course, her daughters Jade and Joy traveled with her, and there is no doubt that all together are preparing to have an unforgettable stay.

Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert © Instagram

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