Laeticia Hallyday in debt: this “meager” sum that she will not be forced to repay

There is no small victory and it is not Laeticia Hallyday who will say the opposite! While she has recovered the many debts of her late husband, Johnny Hallyday by taking over his inheritance, the widow of Taulier has been trying by all means to get out of this financial mess. As a reminder, the rocker’s tax slate was costed between 30 and 34 million euros. A colossal amount that Jade and Joy’s mother is struggling to repay. The Hallyday clan had already initiated challenges to several tax adjustments in court. According to Capital, the Paris administrative court of appeal rendered its verdict on June 24, confirming 13.6 million euros in tax adjustments. However, an adjustment amounting to 471,780 euros was canceled. An amount certainly meager but that Laeticia Hallyday should still be delighted to be able to deduct from the amount of her due.

This adjustment related to suspicious money transfers made between different Johnny companies between 2010 and 2011. The tax authorities considered that it was undeclared income pocketed by Johnny, whereas it was, according to his lawyers , tax-free loans. Johnny had therefore contested this adjustment for the first time in 2015, without winning the case. The appeal proceedings ended up bearing fruit: “The tax administration was accused of having committed a ‘rampant abuse of law’ [that is to say without doing so officially]. sanctions applied, it is essential that the tax administration effectively applies the procedural guarantees, failing which the adjustments incur annulment “. Pierre Pradié, lawyer for Laeticia Hallyday, explained to Capital.

How did Laeticia Hallyday manage to spread her debts?

Laeticia Hallyday is therefore still far from being out of the woods. All the other adjustments inflicted on Johnny Hallyday’s companies have been confirmed and must therefore be reimbursed: 11 million euros for SARL Navajo, 2.5 million for SARL Artistes et promotion and 139,105 euros for SAS Pimiento Music. While she does not have sufficient funds to immediately settle these debts, Laeticia Hallyday has found a backup solution in order to be able to spread out her payments. SARL Navajo and SARL Artistes et Promotion have been placed in a safeguard procedure, debts are therefore frozen while Jalil Lespert’s partner presents her “safeguard plan”, which consists of spreading the repayment of debts over a long period. period (ten years maximum).


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