Laeticia Hallyday is a fulfilled mother. On Sunday May 8, 2022, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the young woman took to her Instagram account to make a beautiful statement to her daughters, Jade and Joy. Moved, she also took the opportunity to thank them for always being by her side, in good and bad times. “Mother’s Day was wonderful today. I wish a beautiful day to all the moms! I am blessed” she began. Then, she added: “Jade and Joy, my loves, my everything, you are my pride, my happiness, my light. You help me so much on a daily basis, you are exceptional, you have been my best allies, and also something part, my guides in this difficult mourning for us”. Obviously, Laeticia Hallyday refers to the death of Johnny Hallyday which occurred in 2017 which caused a real war of classes, in particular on the question of his inheritance.

Laeticia Hallyday grateful

In her message, Laeticia Hallyday then expressed her gratitude. “You are dazzling with wisdom and peace, you are extraordinary like your father and you are all love and benevolence. I am proud to see you grow with so much strength and resilience. This is my reminder every day that LOVE is ALL that matters. Love is all we need” concluded the mother of the family. Note that since the death of the rocker, Laeticia Hallyday has found love with director Jalil Lespert. A love that they formalized on December 15, 2020 and that they now expose in broad daylight. Moreover, the couple has passed a course since it has moved in together.

Laeticia Hallyday and Jade and Joy © Instagram

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