Laeticia Hallyday: her new maneuver to get out of Johnny’s debt doldrums

A heritage heavier to bear than she thought. It was last year, at the end of a highly publicized legal battle which opposed him to the children of Johnny Hallyday, Laura Smet and David Hallyday, that Laeticia Hallyday managed to take control of most of the inheritance of her late husband. If she obtained access to the singer’s cash and assets, this also means that she has at the same time inherited her debts which would amount to between 30 and 34 million euros. A colossal sum of which the rocker’s widow has so far not even reimbursed half, by selling her house in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles for 11.5 million euros.

Still far from the account, Laeticia Hallyday does not hesitate to try everything for everything in order to find a more stable financial situation. For this she sometimes resorts to dubious schemes to make the tax authorities wait. In particular, a few months ago, it initiated a summary before the administrative court of appeal of Paris, in order to suspend the payment of the tax adjustment of the company Navajo SARL, estimated at 13 million euros. Highlighting the fact that “the company Navajo SARL did not have assets likely to cover the tax debt claimed”, the companion of Jalil Lespert hoped that the company Navajo SARL could be placed “in a situation of insolvency” . Unfortunately, this tactic did not please the tax authorities who made sure that the summary judge of the court refused any suspension of the tax adjustment.

How Laeticia Hallyday hopes to spread the repayment of Johnny’s debts?

Still short of cash, while waiting to sell more of Johnny’s properties, Laeticia Hallyday decided to try a new maneuver to save time. According to Capital, this time it will bring into play the so-called safeguard procedure. A device that frees debts but also legal actions of creditors. During this procedure, the 46-year-old mother should propose a “safeguard plan”, which consists of a spreading of the repayment of debts over a long period (ten years maximum). Laeticia has already obtained a safeguard for the company Navajo SARL. On June 7, the Paris commercial court authorized him another six-month safeguard procedure, for the company Artistes et promotion SARL, from which the tax authorities are claiming 2.5 million euros.

As recalled by our colleagues, Johnny chaired Artists and Promotion SARL was chaired until 2007 before entrusting this role to his accountant, then to Laeticia’s grandmother, Elyette Boudou in 2015. It is now Laeticia who has took over the management three months ago. Moreover, she would have declared to the commercial court of Paris, wanting to reactivate this company by launching in the “promotion of young artists”. According to him, a first artist should be recorded “in July”, while his song will be presented at the concert in homage to Johnny scheduled at the Accor Arena on September 14th.

Laeticia Hallyday © Agency

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