Laeticia Hallyday: her late message to her mother Françoise Thibaut for her birthday

As usual, Laeticia Hallyday wrote a beautiful declaration of love on her Instagram account. Monday June 7, 2021, she took up the pen to wish a happy birthday to her mother, Françoise Thibaut. Only, the widow of Johnny Hallyday was three days late, but had a good excuse. “My dear little mother François Thibaut, I have been sick these last days and I could not pay you homage as it should be for your birthday. Happy birthday mother of love, to you who fills our hearts with so many warmth every day. You are always so full of life, you are incredibly strong, true to your beliefs, your convictions, your values, true to yourself and you love your little girls Jade and Joy more than anything. admire so many things at home, 3 days ago it was your birthday “, she wrote in the caption of a tender snapshot of her with her mother in black and white. She also shared other souvenir photos.

The mother of the family concluded her magnificent mesage with these words: “I love you more than all the stars in the sky and flowers in the fields” fields “). A statement that touched the heart of the main interested party who thanked her daughter in comments on the publication. “Thank you my beautiful darling of love for your adorable message which fills me with happiness, joy. I love you very much my angel.”

Laeticia Hallyday ill during the absence of her companion, Jalil Lespert

While Laeticia Hallyday’s new companion, Jalil Lespert, is enjoying a few days off with friends in Rome, Laeticia Hallyday has therefore been ill. In any case, this is what she announced at the very beginning of the message written for her mother’s birthday. Today, Jade and Joy’s mom seems to be doing a lot better.

Laeticia Hallyday and her mother © Instagram

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