Laeticia Hallyday back in Los Angeles … without Jalil Lespert

Laeticia Hallyday is back in Los Angeles … without Jalil Lespert. After weeks spent with the new man of her life, the 45-year-old widow has found her bearings in the United States. According to information from Bernard Montiel, the latter returned there for several reasons. First, because she lives there, but also because her daughters Jade and Joy have to go back to school. Then, as the Touche columnist not at my post said, this return was “planned”, especially since she is trying to sell her villa in Pacific Palisades there. Jalil Lespert was unable to follow her for professional reasons: he works in Paris.

Then the latter recalled that the eldest was not “very happy” lately and would be in the middle of a teenage crisis. At the beginning of the month, he let it be known that the teenager had declared “war” on Laeticia Hallyday, in particular because of this new romantic relationship that she does not endorse. And for good reason, Jade would not have lived the break between Pascal Balland and her mother.

Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert: this project for the future that makes them dream

The happy lovebirds are preparing to turn a corner in their relationship. After formalizing their budding love story with a first couple snapshot in early December, they would like to move up a gear … by moving in together. According to the latest information from Closer, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert want to create a cocoon in Los Angeles.

There, the director wants to move forward on several professional projects, including the production of a biopic on Johnny Hallyday. But the couple will have to be patient because the separation will be longer than expected because of the sanitary conditions that do not facilitate things. Indeed, the authorities have not granted travel authorization to Jalil Lespert due to the current situation: his case will be reviewed next March.

Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday © Instagram

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