Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert: the couple in love under the California sun

In addition to being an assiduous director, Jalil Lespert obviously has a real gift for photography. After taking a magnificent series of photos of his darling Laeticia Hallyday on April 7, Jalil Lespert once again had fun immortalizing his beautiful. This time it is not at the beach like the last time, but during a walk in the heights of Malibu that the couple indulged in a photo shoot for two … because the director also posed in turn !

This Sunday, April 11, 2021, Jalil Lespert shared two photos in the same publication, on his Instagram account. In the first shot, the 46-year-old mother strikes a pose, arms in the air and a smile on her face. Laeticia Hallyday is dressed in black leather leggings, and a sweatshirt that reveals her flat stomach. In the second shot, Jalil Lespert poses in front of the camera, also smiling under the California sun. The 44-year-old actor and filmmaker is simply dressed in a gray rock t-shirt, with denim jeans, sunglasses on his nose like his sweetheart. By discovering this tender publication, Laeticia Hallyday took the opportunity to write a comment in English: “I am so grateful to you my love”.

A new family life for Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert

It’s a whole new life that begins for the widow of Taulier. Recently, Jalil Lespert and the mother of Jade and Joy decided to take a new step in their relationship, buying together a splendid home in Los Angeles, California. Their sublime villa which covers 580 square meters cost the two lovebirds the modest sum of 5.8 million euros. From now on, the little blended family can enjoy this brand new cocoon and enjoy a new start together. Inseparable since their meeting last summer, Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday are now the happy owners of their own house; proof that the star couple is only making their love a little more concrete.

Laeticia Hallyday © Instagram

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