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Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert: discover the images of their first romantic Christmas

After the Cape of Saint-Barth or that of Marnes-la-Coquette, there took place their confinement, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert celebrated their first Christmas in love. And in a series of videos and photos relayed in her Instagram story of this Thursday, December 24, the mother of Jade and Joy Hallyday revealed that everything was going perfectly. Because if she shared images of her sumptuous table, she also let it be known that her companion had been adopted by those around her: her best friend, Hélène Darroze notably contributed to the festivities, which took place in the presence of Tess Rambaldi, the daughter of Pierre Rambaldi and Marie Poniatowski, two dear friends in the heart of the quadra.

For his part, Jalil Lespert preferred to share only a handful of images of his Christmas, opting instead to enjoy the company of his beautiful. This is how, in a short Boomerang broadcast in his own Instagram story, he revealed Laeticia Hallyday’s Christmas sweater. A garment full of humor and further proof that everything is fine between the lovebirds. More accomplices than ever under the sun of Saint-Barth, the time of a few weeks of vacation, they would have celebrated New Year’s Eve far from the white sand beaches of the Caribbean island. As Closer revealed to you, on December 4, 2020, André Boudou’s daughter would have decided to go to the family home of Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles for the festivities.

Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert more united than ever

Another course for Jalil Lespert who has shared the intimacy of Laeticia Hallyday for a few months. During their stay in Saint-Barth, the lovers went together to the grave of Johnny Hallyday, on the occasion of the third anniversary of his death. Note that Pascal Balland would have refused to meditate there in August 2020, when he himself was passing through Saint-Barth. “Pascal does not manage to find his place”, slipped a relative of the widow of Taulier in the columns of Here, “he is on edge, not always nice with others, even downright not friendly. Nobody is. had never seen it like this! ” A disappointing behavior for Laeticia Hallyday who wanted “past and present to intermingle.”

Their first Christmas ©

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