In February 2021, Los Angeles police raided Lady Gaga’s home on Sierra Bonita Avenue in Hollywood after a reported nighttime burglary. The singer’s two bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, had been kidnapped, their walker, Ryan Fischer, attacked by an individual armed with a semi-automatic pistol. The queen of pop then decided to offer 500,000 dollars for information that would help her find her animals. Two years later, People magazine reveals that a certain Jennifer McBride, who “found” Koji and Gustav, is suing the star for not having received her award. The plaintiff’s lawyer accuses Lady Gaga of breach of contract, false promise and declaration.

The case is complicated when we know that Jennifer McBride is not only one of the five suspects arrested in April 2021, but also that she was dating at the time of the facts with Harold White, father of Jaylin White, accused then convicted of the facts. with his two accomplices, James Jackson and Lafayette Whaley. Justice has decided on a 21-year prison sentence for Jaylin White. Reached in the lung, Ryan Fischer revealed to have “lost his career, his friendships and wandered” to the four corners of the United States since the shooting. “You shot me and left me to die, and our two lives have changed forever, he told his attacker in the press. I forgive you. You have completely changed my life. I know I can’t completely forget the night you shot me before I said those words to you.”

Where was Lady Gaga while we were stealing her dogs?

When Jaylin White, James Jackson and Lafayette Whale robbed her home, Lady Gaga was in Italy to shoot House of Gucci by Ridley Scott. The interpreter of Born This Way played the black widow of the Gucci empire, Patrizia Reggiani, indicted in 1998 for having ordered the murder of her ex-husband. The role, which required an immeasurable work from him, ended up having the best of his mental health at the end of the shooting. “I was either in my hotel room, living and talking like Reggiani, or on the set, where I was doing the same thing, explained the singer in an interview with Vogue UK when the film was released a few months later. remember going to Italy one day for a walk. I hadn’t been on a walk for about two months and I freaked out. I thought I was on a film set.”

Lady Gaga: the star sued by an accomplice of her dog thieves for a surreal reason

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