Lady Di’s brother mad with rage: this 25-year-old manipulation that does not pass

Even years later, Charles Spencer couldn’t digest this episode. In 1995, while her marriage to Prince Charles was in turmoil, Lady Diana gave Panorama an exclusive interview in which she exposed her husband’s infidelities, including his lifelong affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. A real thunderclap within the royal family, who felt betrayed by the Princess of Wales. However, fervent defender of the memory of his sister, Count Spencer is now stepping up to denounce the methods of journalists to obtain this interview.

In a letter seen by the Daily Mail, Charles Spencer explains how at the time journalist Martin Bashir showed Princess Diana fake BBC bank statements in which amounts paid to two alleged informants responsible for informing the channel about his actions and actions. Count Spencer therefore denounces the “pure dishonesty” of the journalist, and accuses the British channel of not having measured “the seriousness of the situation” at the time, and now demands that an investigation be opened to restore the truth. In addition, the uncle of Princes William and Harry, demanded that a public and posthumous apology be made to his sister by journalist Martin Bashir. “If I had not seen these statements, I would not have introduced Bashir to my sister,” he said.

Lady Diana watched by the secret services?

In addition to the fake bank statements, Martin Bashir also allegedly manipulated Lady Diana by assuring her that she was being bugged and spied on by MI5. Manipulated, the Princess of Wales had finally accepted this interview while a year later, the BBC had carried out an internal examination to judge the behavior of Martin Bashir. Only, even though the bank statements had indeed been deemed false and falsified by a BBC graphic designer, they appear to have been designed for the sole purpose of exploiting the princess’s fears since they showed payments made to Alan Waller, former security chief Earl Spencer. However, these payments were never made.


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