Lady Diana: who is Hasnat Khan, this secret companion with whom she wanted to settle in the United States?

Lady Diana has known several men in her life. But only one really fulfilled it. After her divorce from Prince Charles, the mother of Harry and William began, in 1995, a romance with Hasnat Khan, cardio-thoracic surgeon, whom she met in the hospital: he had just operated on one of his friends. Despite their multiple efforts to keep their romance a secret, suspicions began to arise. So, in June 1997, he decided to end their relationship for good.

Then, the former daughter-in-law of Elizabeth II got closer to Dodi Al-Fayed, son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. In reality, their love story was not sincere: the princess was not really in love with this new companion, with whom she died, on August 31, 1997, in a car accident in Paris, under Place de l’Alma. He also died.

And for good reason, the princess has never forgotten Hasnat Khan, the only man she deeply loved. Simone Simmonds, one of her close friends – she even dedicated a book to her, Diana: the last word, in 2005 – said in the columns of Daily Star that she “was not in love with Dodi”. “She has always loved Hasnat Khan, this surgeon she has seen in the past,” she said.

Lady Diana: her plans for the future with Hasnat Khan

According to Simone Simmonds, Lady Diana had several wishes, including that of settling in America, or South Africa, with Hasnat Khan. “Dodi was there to try to make Hasnat Khan jealous. He was just a playboy, and not Diana’s style at all. She even told me that she hated sex with men with hairy backs, which made us laugh, ”she continued. Simone Simmonds clarified that Lady Diana revealed to him “all her intimate secrets”.

Hasnat Khan, who was present at Lady Diana’s funeral, denounced in 2013 the script for the film Diana’s Last Love, which traces their love story. “It is based on gossip and testimonies from friends of Diana who knew nothing of our history, as well as some of my acquaintances, who also ignored everything. Everything is built on rumors and people say,” he explained to the Daily Mail.

The Pakistani-born health worker had also let it be known that now he was not embarrassed to be “known as Diana’s former companion” because the story could not be changed. However, he never wanted to tell their story publicly. “Everyone wants crisp details and I’ll never reveal them,” he told The Sun. Now 61 years old, the doctor is still very discreet.

Hasnat Khan © © Planet Photos / KCS

Hasnat Khan © © Planet Photos / KCS
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