The book by Lady Diana’s son, Prince Harry, was officially released on January 10, 2023.
Prince Harry begins the book with what started it all for him.
From the first pages of his book, the youngest son of Princess Diana recounts the shock created by the death of his mother.

January 10, 2023 is the fateful day for Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex’s autobiographical book The Substitute is officially available in all bookstores around the world. In his memoirs, Princess Diana’s youngest son looks back on his past, including the most painful moments of his life. Everything changed for Prince Harry when he was only 12 years old. His beloved mother lost her life in a car accident on August 31 under the Alma bridge in Paris. His father, King Charles III of England, coldly announces the terrible news to him in his room, he reports in his book.

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The shock was undoubtedly terrible for the sons of Lady Di. The brother of Prince William, now Prince of Wales, 40, returns to this tragedy in the first part of his book, specifies Gala, who obtained a copy. “In the darkness that encloses me”, is the title of the first pages of Spare. In the most accurate memory sequences that Prince Harry, 38, remembers is the macabre gift his aunt Sarah Spencer gave him and Prince William just after their mother died, the Princess Diana.

William and Harry: the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex received Lady Diana’s hair as a gift

“She walked towards us, two tiny blue boxes in her hands. (…) I lifted the lid of my box. Inside… a moth? No. A mustache? No more. What the…? Her hair,” the Duke of Sussex said. For the son of Princess Diana, this is proof that his mother is really gone, he says. Not wanting to believe it, however, Prince Harry still said to himself: “It could be anyone’s hair. Mum, with her beautiful blond hair intact, was still there somewhere. I would know otherwise. My body would know. My heart would know.”

Lady Diana: this terrible gift that her sister brought to William and Harry just after her death

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