He took the opportunity to make fun of his brother’s young wife. On July 29, 1981, Prince Charles married young Diana Spencer at a worthy royal wedding held in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in front of hundreds of guests. But between the stress of such a great marriage, and the apprehension of entering the British royal family on this occasion, the princess got a little tangled up when she said her vows to her husband, in the calling not by his first name, but by that … of Prince Philip, his father. “Diana mixed the names of the prince, calling him Philip Charles Arthur George, rather than Charles Philip,” said Andrew Morton, as reported by Express.co.

In his book, Andrew: the Playboy Prince, the royal specialist in particular confided that this little incident had not gone unnoticed to the ears of Prince Andrew, who took the opportunity to make fun of his brother’s wife elder. “At the Buckingham Palace reception afterwards, Clown Prince Andrew was at his best, teasing his new sister-in-law and telling the new Princess of Wales: you married my father,” reports Andrew Morton. A joke that Diana would not have taken badly, she who however cried a few years later in the face of the harassment she had been subjected to by Ghislaine Maxwell, a friend of Prince Andrew.

Was Lady Diana close to Sarah Ferguson?

Not particularly close to the Duke of York, Lady Diana was however close to his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, with whom she forged a strong friendship, supporting each other in particular within the royal family, but also in the face of the press. “In the 1980s, there was Diana, who was beautiful, and Fergie, fat and frumpy,” recalls the Duchess of York, who assures us that she and the Princess of Wales have never played the tabloids. and have remained united despite these unfair comparisons between them. “Diana and I had our own mental health issues and we used to talk about it. She was like, ‘Fergie, remember one thing: when you’re at the top of the pedestal it’s so easy to ‘fall. And you, you are at the bottom. You just have to climb,’ “said Sarah Ferguson.

Lady Diana and Prince Charles © AGENCE

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