In 1992, Lady Diana and Prince Charles put an end to the “annus horribilis” of Elizabeth II by announcing their separation after having said “yes” in 1981 during a royal wedding which remains forever engraved in the ‘story. A separation which will then be recorded in 1996 by a divorce, inevitable after the shock interview granted by the Princess of Wales, in which she had notably mentioned the long-standing affair of her husband with Camilla Parker Bowles, but also, of hers, with former officer James Hewitt. A revelation that will make the front page of the tabloids, like the romantic relationships that Lady Diana will have subsequently with Hasnat Kahn or Dodi Al-Fayed. What deeply embarrass his son, Prince William.

Indeed, the brother of prince Harry lived very badly that such relations are mediatized, in particular that of his mother with James Hewitt, admitted by the princess herself, and which earned the Duke of Cambridge many mockeries from of his school friends. “When Diana admitted on TV that she had had an affair, Harry was too young to understand, but William was 13 years old, his friends made fun of him, it was very difficult,” said the expert. royal Robert Lacey at Ici Paris. It must be said that despite his young age at the time, Prince William understood what disastrous fallout would result from this scabrous interview, for which he did not speak to his mother after watching it.

Prince William claims his mother was “trapped” during this interview

However, now with great hindsight, Prince William believes that his mother was “trapped” at the time by journalist Martin Bashir, who, with lies and unscrupulous ploys, pushed Lady Diana to unpack her ill- to be within the royal family. Calling for an investigation within the BBC against the journalist, the Duke of Cambridge had denounced that these failures had according to him “contributed significantly to the fear, paranoia and isolation” of his mother, but also ” poisoned [her] parents’ relationship and hurt countless people. ” Like his nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke, on whom Martin Bashir had spread the rumor that she had fallen pregnant with Prince Charles, and that she had to have an abortion. A scandalous lie for which she was recently compensated.

Lady Diana and Prince William © ALPHA AGENCY

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