Lady Diana: the day she asked Princess Anne to leave Sarah Ferguson alone

It’s not easy to be a princess. While monarchy and royal obligations seem innate to the Windsors, to those who enter the family through marriage, the task has at times proved more difficult than expected. Notably for Lady Diana, but also Sarah Ferguson. Arriving in the royal family after her marriage to Prince Andrew in 1986, the Duchess quickly found the Princess of Wales a great ally. Especially when it was necessary to take his defense.

Not always feeling out of place during engagements, Sarah Ferguson has long chained the blunders, which somewhat exasperated Princess Anne. In Fergie Vs Diana: Royal Wives at War, relayed by The Mirror, Richard Kay, editor-in-chief at the Daily Mail, recalled once precisely where Lady Diana stepped up to defend Sarah Ferguson against the daughter of ‘Elizabeth II. “Diana stood up and she more or less asked Anne, ‘you have to give her a break. Fergie is good for the family but she’s having a hard time adjusting, just like me before her,'” says the journalist.

This request for Sarah Ferguson who was denied to Lady Diana

However, while Lady Diana has managed to stand up to the Royal Family on several occasions in defense of her friend Sarah Ferguson, there is one point the Windsors didn’t want to give in, thus upsetting Prince Charles’ wife on her day. his wedding. “Sarah learned that she was in fact not fit to be Diana’s maid, which was a big blow to her”, confided Lizzie Cundy, a friend of the Duchess of York, who ” think the royal family felt Sarah was not chic enough. “Diana was actually quite upset about it,” she adds. A blow that surely pushed her to become more offensive to defend her friend thereafter.

Lady Diana and Princess Anne © ALPHA AGENCY

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