Charles III had always continued to see Camilla Parker Bowles even after his marriage to Lady Diana.
The princess of hearts, for her part, had begun to throw herself into the arms of other men.
We also lent several lovers to Princess Diana who saw them at Kensington Palace in secret, including actor James Gilbey.

Lady Diana was talking about masturbation and her fears of getting pregnant with one of these lovers. The Princess of Hearts was known to be unhappy in her household with Charles III, Prince of Wales at the time. Lady Diana married the one who dated and continued to date her true love – Queen Camilla – when she was 20 and after just thirteen dates. The extra-marital relationship of Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles was no secret. The same goes for Princess Diana’s lovers.

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From her riding instructor James Hewitt, via Philip Dunne and David Kerr to Will Carling, Oliver Hoare or even Doctor Hasnat Khan – her true love – Lady Diana is credited with several lovers. The tabloids also lend her a brief romance with American actor Kevin Costner who had invited her to play the role of his protege in what could have been the second part of the film Bodyguard. Another actor, James Gilbey, would also have had a story with the mother of Prince William, 40, and Prince Harry, 38, as reported by Bertrand Meyer Stabley in his book Charles III the unloved. The author recalls the existence of the recording of a telephone exchange between the actor and Lady Di.

Lady Di and James Gilbey’s steamy exchanges prove one thing

The call had lasted about thirty minutes and the two lovebirds talk about “masturbation”, declares Bertrand Meyer Stabley. Actor James Gilbey calls Princess Diana by the sweet nicknames “Sweetheart” and “Squidgey” in the call. “They talk about masturbation and her fears of getting pregnant,” writes Stabley. During the exchange, the actor repeated several times that he loved Princess Diana. Statements to which Lady Di had retorted “You are the nicest person in the world”. According to some, including Lady Colin Campbell, Diana’s fear of getting pregnant implies that she and the actor slept together.

Lady Diana: she would have had an affair with a comedian, their torrid exchanges leave little room for doubt

Lady Diana: she would have had an affair with an actor, their torrid exchanges leave little room for doubt © Lionel Cherruault

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