An icon, a courageous woman and a loving mother. Lady Diana will undeniably remain in the memory of all Britons. This Wednesday, August 31, the latter will also have a very special thought for the mother of princes William and Harry who disappeared 25 years ago to the day. On this occasion, a look back at her most emblematic looks that made her one of the most popular princesses of the British royal family with the general public. In gala dress, skirt or simply with a matching set, Lady Diana has always had a lot of style.

And it’s not her stylist Bruce Oldfield who will say the opposite. The one he describes as “the most important client of his career” has always had a strong taste for fashion. “When I look back, it was really unforgiving for her. You had to dress her up every day like she was going to a wedding.” Beyond her looks, Lady Diana was above all an image, a slender silhouette that ignited hearts with each of her passages.

Lady Diana: the anecdote about her haircut

In the 90s, the mother of Princes William and Harry displayed a hairstyle that will go down in history. During a photo shoot for Vogue magazine, hairstylist Sam McKnight recalls one of their conversations: “What would you do to my hair if you had carte blanche?” The hairdresser then replies: “I would cut everything to start from scratch.” This was the case; “When I met Diana, things were changing, explains Sam McKnight. Gone are the romantic frills of the 1980s, we wanted a more refined style, with short and dynamic hair to wear with the Chanel and Versace suits of It was time for the woman power look.”

Lady Diana: return to her most emblematic looks (Photos)



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