One piece of jewelry that has particularly marked the history of the British royal family is Lady Diana’s engagement ring. It is oval in shape, adorned with a midnight blue sapphire of eighteen carats, itself surrounded by fourteen diamonds. How did William and Harry’s mother choose her ring, which to this day remains one of the most copied in the world? In season 4 of The Crown, available on Netflix since November 15, fans of the crowned heads are getting to know the process in great detail.

Indeed, a scene traces the day when the princess carefully chose her future engagement ring (because no, it was not a direct gift from Prince Charles, her fiancé). He was not the one who organized the meeting with the jeweler William Summers either, but Queen Elizabeth II. He was at the time the director of the luxury jewelry and goldsmith company, Garrard & Co. He advised the family in England from 1843 to 2007.

A valuable ring

It was within Buckingham Palace itself that Lady Diana (played by Emma Corrin in the British series) fell in love. In one of the main rooms of the palace, William Summers presented him with “a rather special box of chocolates”. Inside it, several jewels were presented, some belonged to the family, others were signed Garrard & Co (including the sapphire). Annie Sulzberger, director of research and former art historian who helped creator Peter Morgan write the texts so that they come as close as possible to reality, said that Elizabeth II, in withdrawal during the choice, “would have frowned” when Lady Diana made up her mind.

At the time, the price of the jewel was 28,500 pounds but, at the current time, it would be worth 123,000, as Vogue relates. “There are different theories as to why Diana chose this piece of jewelry: the color matched her eyes, the queen would have already selected it, or Lady Diana would later say it was the biggest ring. ., also let the specialty know. Others say it simply reminded him of his mother’s engagement ring. The ring now belongs to Kate Middleton.

Lady Diana © GOFF INF

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