They said yes”. In May 2019, Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana’s niece, formalized her relationship with the wealthy South African businessman Michael Lewis. As the two of them walked through the streets of New York, she held his shoulder and a small detail could be seen on his finger. Indeed, it was a large diamond, which left no room for doubt. Since then, the couple seemed to spin the perfect love and according to information published by the Daily Mail this Saturday, July 24, they have decided to seal their union. The tabloid explains that the two got married in the Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, located on the heights of Rome. Regarding the guests, there were the twins Amelia and Eliza Spencer, the sisters of the bride, but also Viscountess Emma Weymouth, the popstar Pixie Lott, or Sabrina, the wife of Idris Elba. For his part, Michael Lewis had obviously invited his three children, from a previous union. For her dress, Kitty Spencer had opted for a dress with a high neck, signed Dolce & Gabbana, of which she is the ambassador. After their wedding, the happy newlyweds and their guests were able to enjoy a delicious meal before playing on the dance floor.

An expected union. On January 4, 2020, The Mirror revealed that Kitty Spencer had been proposed by her wealthy fiancé. According to the tabloids, it was a few days before Christmas, during a vacation in South Africa that Michael Lewis had taken the plunge. “Michael is loved by all. Despite his wealth, he is very humble and discreet,” said a close friend of the young woman. The couple had since had to postpone their wedding date due to the coronavirus pandemic but were finally able to make their love a reality. On her social networks, Lady Diana’s niece had posted a photo of her, in which she wears a leopard dress and which seems to have been taken during a getaway with friends. “We can’t wait to see you,” several of her friends had commented under the post. A few days later, Dutch model Marpessa Hennink shared a selfie with Kitty Spencer. “Team married. It’s finally the moment”, one could read in the caption. The same for Mark Francis Vandelli who had shown the terrace of an Italian restaurant. “This is where it all starts Kitty,” he wrote. Many similar messages suggested that this union was fast approaching.

Kitty Spencer’s wedding: who is her husband Michael Lewis?

Kitty Spencer said “yes” to the man in her life. But who is he? Michael Lewis one is a fashion mogul born in South Africa. He is now 62 years old and owns the Whistles and Phase Eight fashion chains. He joined the board of directors of the Foschini group and has chaired it since 2015. Michael Lewis has three children, born of his union with his ex-wife Leola. His fortune is estimated at 90 million euros. “I just can’t wait to have a really happy family life: a happy marriage and children,” Kitty Spencer told Town & Country magazine in May 2021. It looks like part of her wish has finally come true.

Lady Kitty Spencer © SGP

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