Lady Diana: her niece Kitty Spencer’s incredible dress marathon for her fairytale wedding

Kitty Spencer was treated to her fairytale wedding. After seeing her cousins ​​Princes William and Harry celebrate royal weddings with great pomp attended by thousands of spectators, Lady Diana’s niece opted for a discreet but no less flamboyant union in a 17th century Italian castle in Rome. It was on July 24 that the 30-year-old married 62-year-old millionaire Michael Lewis, escorted to the altar not by her father, Earl Charles Spencer, but by her brother Louis Spencer and his stepmother. -brother from his mother Victoria’s side, Samuel Aitken.

For her wedding dress, Kitty Spencer had called on the duo of designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, founders of the brand Dolce & Gabbana of which she has been the muse for several years, who had made her an imposing dress with a floral lace pattern. complex, with long sleeves and puffed shoulders, as well as a stand-up collar reminiscent of that of her mother at her wedding in 1989. But if this dress was particularly noticed, it is not the only the niece of Princess Diana has worn. As reported by the Daily Mail, five different dresses took turns on the back of the young woman, all signed Dolce & Gabbana.

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Did Kitty wear the Spencers tiara like Lady Diana?

Dresses worn during photoshoots or during the evening, like her blue dress embroidered with cross-stitch flowers, specially made for her. In accessories, Kitty Spencer had opted for rivers of precious stones and flowers in her hair, breaking several traditions in the process. If the first is that she was not taken to the altar by her father, the young woman also made a cross on the tiara of Spencers, worn by her mother, as well as Lady Diana on her wedding day with Prince Charles. Enough to break the tradition to make your wedding a unique moment.

Lady Kitty Spencer © Backgrid UK

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