The 5th season of the series The Crown will be broadcast on Netflix in 2022. Actress Elizabeth Debicki plays the Princess of Wales. This season traces the events that took place in the British royal family between 1990 and 1997. It was during this period that Prince Charles’ confession of adultery took place. If everyone expected a ravaged Lady Di at the time, the princess boldly made her statement. “While some would have said to themselves: ‘I can not face this tonight’, Diana came out in this dress in which she was beautiful to fall. It was a real statement,” said the auctioneer who organized in 2013 sale of several of Diana’s dresses to Reader’s Digest.

In addition, it is also the organizers of this sale who baptized the dress the “revenge dress”. The name is not given by chance, because it is the dress worn on the very evening Charles confessed his adultery with Camilla. This famous black dress is considered to be the sign of the emancipation of the Princess of Wales. The dress is so mythical because it is everything against the dress codes of the royal family. This is a beautiful and elegant little black dress for sure. But the dress is short and bares Lady Di’s shoulders and part of her torso. Georgina Howell, a biographer of Diana described the dress as “perhaps the most strategic dress ever worn by a woman in modern times.”

The “revenge dress” will be worn by the actress playing Lady Di in The Crown

It is in the 5th season of The Crown that we will be able to admire this magnificent Lady Di dress. The series will then retrace the evening of June 29 of Vanity Fair organized at the Serpentine Gallery in London. The scene promises to be emotional like this time actress Emma Corrin wore Diana’s wedding dress. Like Elizabeth Debicki, who will wear the revenge dress, Emma Corrin bears a striking resemblance to the Princess of Wales.

Lady Diana © WALTER

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