A very commented choice. Taylor Swift unveiled the new version of her second album called Red (Taylor’s Version) this Friday, November 12. A new stage in her career and, for the occasion, she went through interviews. One of them was very noticed since, facing Seth Meyers, the young woman had opted for a black dress which revealed her bare shoulders. A simple outfit that immediately recalled Lady Diana’s “revenge dress”. On social networks, Internet users quickly made the comparison. “Taylor Swift wearing the revenge robe for the new release of her album,” one wrote. For others, it is a reference to Scooter Braun with whom she was in conflict for several months since he owned the rights to her songs. If Taylor Swift did not give any details concerning this choice, his fans very much appreciated the indirect tribute to Princess Diana.

An outfit that has made history. In 1994, at an annual charity party given by Vanity Fair at the Serpentine Gallery in London, Lady Diana appeared in a stunning strapless, sculptural gown that showed off her shoulders and legs. The outfit had been created by Christina Stambolian but had remained in the back of the closet since it did not correspond to the dress codes of the royal family. This was then nicknamed the “revenge dress” since Princess Diana had chosen to wear it following the announcement of Prince Charles’ adultery with Camilla Parker-Bowles. “Many had believed that the princess was going to cancel her appearance and was not going to come that night, but she arrived in this dress, just stunningly beautiful, and so, without saying a single word, made a big statement on this situation, “Kerry Taylor told Marie Claire magazine. So it seems that she inspired Taylor Swift.

Lady Diana: which celebrities were inspired by this “revenge dress”?

Taylor Swift is not the only one nor the first to have opted for a “revenge dress”. Indeed, many are the women who, following a breakup, have walked the red carpet in outfits more resplendent with meaning than others. There’s Kate Moss in 2007 who, after parting ways with Pete Doherty, opted for a vintage Dior dress. We can also mention Gigi Hadid in November 2015 who wore a crop top set and a fully white flared skirt. She had also cut her hair in a bob. The most similar is Rihanna since the singer was inspired by Lady Diana in September 2017. “Whenever a man cheats on you, treats you badly, you must have a revenge drawn up”, she had assured before paying tribute to the Princess of Wales. “Whether or not she consciously chose this dress that put everyone on the ground touches me. This moment Diana bad bitch stuck me,” she concluded.

Lady Diana © Instagram

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