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Lady Diana: attacks on Elizabeth II censored in her shock interview?

A well-kept secret. On November 20, 1995, Lady Diana took off the mask during an interview without taboos broadcast on the Panorama program on the BBC channel. Faced with journalist Martin Bashir, who had come to join her at Kensington Palace, the Princess of Hearts confided without restraint for several hours about her life within the royal family of England. A shortened recording since the full interview (available on YouTube) lasts less than an hour. This Saturday, October 17, in the columns of the British tabloid The Daily Mail, the journalist friend of the late Richard Kay therefore wondered where had gone the other countless confidences of the mother of princes William and Harry.

“Some people associated with the program suggested that 20 minutes of interview had disappeared,” says Richard Kay. According to him, certain passages could have been censored because of scathing attacks directed against Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Because, if she was adored by the people of the United Kingdom, icon of generosity, beauty and kindness, Lady Diana had not succeeded in making a place for herself within the monarchy, she who was a free spirit, rebellious and therefore not very formal. In her confessions interview, the Princess of Wales would have, according to rumors, made many criticisms against the members of the Firm, starting with the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the mother of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. But if the speculations fuse, the secret remains intact. What reinforce the myth of this interview that Lady Diana had also kept secret before its broadcast.

Her Majesty Elizabeth II fell from the clouds

It was therefore a bad surprise for Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Because, by exposing the affair of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles to the light of day, as well as her own extramarital affair and by evoking her struggle against suicidal thoughts and bulimia, Diana Spencer was breaking the tradition of “never complain, never explain.” ” Golden rule that the British crowned heads are however used, and even the obligation, to follow.

Richard Eyre, friend of the Queen, had seen the damage of such revelations. “I had lunch with the Queen soon after, and she spontaneously said to me ‘how are things at the BBC?’ I answered ‘pretty well’, then she said ‘awful thing to do, awful thing that my daughter-in-law did,’ the director recalled. The interview had the effect of an electric shock: Her Majesty Elizabeth II asked her eldest son to divorce Lady Diana soon after.

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