A new very intimate object of Princess Diana has been sold
This is a letter of thanks written by herself to a police sergeant
This letter also contains the signatures of Princes William and Harry

Here reveals a new very intimate object of Lady Di which was sold at an astronomical price. Even 22 years after her death, Princess Diana is still remembered. This is all the more true for fans of British royalty who don’t rely on price in order to obtain personal items from members of the royal family. Of course, the mother of Princes William and Harry, eternal icon of the British monarchy, always makes fans dream, both with her commitments and her looks. One of the outfits that made history is her wedding dress with its long train of several meters.

A piece of Princess Diana and King Charles III’s wedding cake was saved and auctioned off in 2021, according to Here. We are talking about a 784 gram entremet kept since 1981 in an old cake mold whose starting price was 590 euros. The legendary dress of the former Princess of Wales, the one she wore when dancing with John Travolta, was also sold at auction in 2021 for 293,000 euros. Another must-have piece: Lady Di’s personal car was also sold by Silverstone Auctions on August 5th. We are talking about the very first black Ford Escort RS which was offered at a starting price of 100,000 euros.

A thank you letter sold for 18,000 pounds

This very intimate new item from the former Princess of Wales that has been sold is a letter written by herself. This is a thank you letter addressed to a police sergeant who had organized a motorcycle exhibition for Prince William’s birthday, explains Here. This letter was written on June 21, 1989 and was signed by Lady Di and Princes William and Harry. This significant letter was sold for the tidy sum of 18,000 pounds! It goes without saying that this piece is a must-have for fans.

Lady Diana: a new very intimate object of the princess sold at a crazy price

Princess Diana © ALPHA AGENCY

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