Lady Di: why there will ultimately be no investigation into her controversial interview

Lady Diana manipulated? In 1995, the Princess of Wales caused a real earthquake in the royal family by granting the BBC an exclusive interview. A threesome with Prince Charles and Camille Parker Bowles, her husband’s long-standing infidelity, criticism of the Windsors and the Queen … hardly anyone was spared during this interview, which even caused the end of her marriage to the crown prince. But if during this interview the mother of princes William and Harry seemed sure of herself, according to several of her relatives, including her brother Charles, she would have been manipulated by Martin Bashir, the journalist who conducted the interview.

According to Count Spencer, the reporter even falsified bank statements to gain the trust of Lady Diana, who had then indulged more than ever. Elements which pushed the BBC to open an investigation to shed light on this affair. If the outcome of these investigations is not known, however, they should not go further, since the metropolitan police have decided not to open any investigation, reports Omid Scobie. “After evaluating the new complaints and taking the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service, she will not open a criminal investigation into the circumstances of journalist Martin Bashir in 1995 during his interview with Princess Diana,” he said. specified on Twitter.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that, after assessing new complaints and taking advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, they will not be opening a criminal investigation into the circumstances of journalist Martin Bashir’s 1995 @Panorama interview with Princess Diana.

– Omid Scobie (@scobie) March 4, 2021

Hasnat Khan recovered against Martin Bashir

If Martin Bashir will not be prosecuted in the end, his journalistic methods, often considered unscrupulous, are nevertheless known in the world of British television. And Hasnat Khan, the last love of Princess Diana, did not fail last January to denounce them to the Daily Mail, reproaching the journalist for his “cunning” and “aggressiveness” to extort from Lady Diana crisp revelations, such as the evocation of the famous “marriage to three”. Somewhat controversial methods, spotted by Prince William, and which Hasnat Khan also faced. “He asked me very direct and personal questions about Diana and me. The wedding, the ceremony … Only intimate questions”, he recalls, even saying to himself “embarrassed”. “I was angry with the way he was addressing me,” he added.

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