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Lady Di: why the princess kept her own blood in her fridge

This is information that will surprise more than one. Whenever she traveled far or went abroad, Princess Diana always took something unusual with her: a small refrigerator that held her own blood. A custom which may seem very curious, but which was for his good. Prince Charles’ wife was careful to always have her own blood with her, if she ever suffered from a medical problem, or was the victim of a physical or other attack. It must be said that Princess Diana, as a member of the British royal family, often risked her life, during her official public appearances and various trips.

The former chief of staff of the “People’s Princess”, Patrick Jephson, explained that he, along with the rest of Lady Diana’s security team, had had medical appointments during which doctors had checked whether their blood types were potential matches with that of the princess, in times of need and urgency. “We were all tested so that doctors would know which of us could give her blood if she needed it,” he explained in an interview with the Daily Star.

Elizabeth II and Charles too

According to Patrick Jephson, these rather extreme measures were necessary because Lady Diana was “quite often the target of threats”. The mother of princes William and Harry was not the only one traveling with a fridge containing her blood, her mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Charles too. And it was in a very special case that Princess Diana always had extra blood with her: “Particularly when we were abroad or in developing countries, we carried with us a small refrigerator full of supplies. of Diana’s blood, “we learn. “Of course it’s not very glamorous. Some of the work was so easy to forget, then suddenly you have a poignant reminder of the importance of this job,” concluded Patrick Jephson.

Princess Diana © AGENCE

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