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Lady Di: those letters her mother tore up right after her death

On August 31, 1997, it was following a terrible accident in a tunnel in Paris that Lady Diana died at the age of 36. If her disappearance had aroused international emotion, Paul Burrell, the former butler of the latter would regret that part of her world was destroyed by her mother after her death. Indeed, the latter assures that Frances Shand Kydd tore up and removed some of his personal effects less than a year after his death. In a documentary broadcast on Channel 5, Paul Burrel revealed that he had moved some of Lady Diana’s belongings to his own house to make sure they were not destroyed.

After Lady Diana’s tragic death, Paul Burrell had been heavily involved in sorting out the affairs of the mother of Princes William and Harry at Kensington Palace. He revealed, “It was a daunting task, but I found it really cathartic. Being in her world, always having to be in control, taking care of the things she loved the most.” However, the former butler felt that Lady Diana’s family members were deliberately destroying her heirloom. He thus accused them of getting rid of material that they did not want the public to discover. Editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail, Richard Kay said, “He could see his mother and sister tearing up letters and taking things away. He felt that there were things in this palace that should be preserved for William. and Harry. ”

“She really destroyed part of the princess’ world”

Throughout her life, Lady Diana had a special relationship with her mother. And for good reason, the latter has never forgiven her daughter for having divorced Prince Charles and described her as a “drag.” For Channel 5, Paul Burrell explained, “Madame Shand Kydd would sit on the couch in the princess ‘living room and constantly shred her correspondence. She really destroyed part of the princess’ world.” Angry, the butler then secretly took Lady Diana’s belongings to his home so that it would not be destroyed. In 2000, the police recovered more than 2,000 items at his home and he was officially accused of stealing 342 personal property of Lady Diana. The lawsuit, however, reportedly collapsed after it was revealed that Elizabeth II was aware that he was keeping some of her ex-daughter-in-law’s assets.

Lady Diana, Frances Burke Spencer and Princes William and Harry © LAURENT SOLA

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