The world still remembers that tragedy, that fatal day when Princess Diana died. It is those present on this day who recount the last days of the Princess of Wales. By the end of the afternoon, the police guards had secured the hallway leading to Lady Di’s bedroom. In addition to these guards, there was Colin Tebbutt, the Consul General, the Nursing Sister, Paul Burrell as well as the Priest.

Father Yves-Marie Clochard-Bossuet, the priest, confides that the butler, Paul Burrell, was truly devastated by the death of Princess Diana. “Unlike some” hypocritical “officials who paid tribute to him,” he says. The priest at the Mail confides “I knew little about the tree of the royal family. I knew that Diana’s husband was called Charles… I had no idea that the whole world would talk about it for years.”

“Something was missing from his coffin …”

In the coffin, the photo of her two sons had been placed in the hand of Princess Diana. A photo that was in his purse. It was the same for the rosary which had been given to her by Mother Teresa. The Princess of Wales also wore jewelry that had been recovered from the Mercedes. Only an earring is missing. The latter will be recovered from the wreckage later.

Father Yves-Marie Clochard-Bossuet, during the religious service, had noticed that “Diana’s appearance has changed since the last time he saw her.” “Diana was prepared and dressed in Lady’s outfit Jay. They had put on eye shadow and makeup, “he recalls. “She didn’t have the naturalness she had before. She looked like a doll, whereas before, she was just a very beautiful woman”, still according to him.

Princess Diana © ALPHA AGENCY

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