Lady Di: this much too late letter of apology received by the entire royal family

“There were three of us in this marriage.” 26 years after the fact, this sentence uttered by Diana still resonates in the history of the British royal family. At the time, the Princess of Wales was received by journalist Martin Bashir, to whom she made exclusive revelations on Prince Charles’ infidelities, on his own affair with Major James Hewitt, but also on his depression and eating disorders. This Thursday, The Mirror revealed that the report of an investigation by Judge Lord Dyson concluded that Martin Bashir had blackmailed Diana. By what means? According to the results of the investigation, the journalist forged documents to obtain the interview with the princess, going so far as to make the latter’s brother – Charles Spencer – believe that she was being spied on by the intelligence services. Information – which turned out to be false – but which prompted, at the time, Diana’s brother to present the latter to Martin Bashir. “By showing Count Spencer these false statements (…) Mr Bashir deceived him and instigated him to arrange a meeting with Princess Diana,” says the report, which denounces a “serious breach” of the established rules by the BBC, the channel on which the interview was broadcast.

Lady Di: BBC apologizes but believes princess was in favor of interview

The channel’s managing director, Tim Davie, reacted to the investigation report with a statement in which he said: “Although the report indicates that Diana, Princess of Wales, was in favor of the idea of ​​an interview with the BBC, it is clear that the process of obtaining the interview was not up to what the public has come to expect. We are so sorry. ” For his part, Martin Bashir, whose career took off following this shocking interview, said: “It was a stupid thing to do and it was an action that I deeply regret”, adding however that the falsification of these documents had not played a determining role in Lady Diana’s “personal choice” to answer her questions. Rebecca English, the royal expert for the Daily Mail, revealed in a tweet that Buckingham Palace, Clarence House (the residence of Prince Charles, editor’s note) and Princes William and Harry have all received a letter of apology from the BBC.


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